Entry #14

Need An Acoustic Guitar On Your Track?

2015-07-29 23:39:32 by Ceevro

So...I wanna expand the list of people I work with, gain some experience, and get my name out a bit more!  To do that, I figure I should make an offer to people out there in NG land.  I am an experienced acoustic guitarist who plays several styles, can follow a lead-sheet, and has no trouble with tough chords, picking, etc.  I also know, most importantly, how to set and deliver by a deadline - you work with me, I WILL deliver what I say I will, when I say I will.

You might know some of my work from the recent Singalongs I've hosted (and continue to host).

As such, here is my offer:  If you need a normal chord pattern/loop for your track, I will do one for you for free, provided it's a track to be released here on NG, and you include me on your project page.  It's time to step up muh game!




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2015-07-30 01:32:20

Cool! Very cool!

Ceevro responds:

Glad you enjoyed!


2015-07-30 19:03:00

beautiful :D love that song. Sounds great on guitar!

Ceevro responds:

Yeah, it took me a lot longer to learn it than I expected...but that's common to all jazz. Jazz is tough!


2015-08-18 01:49:09

I hope you get a few collaborations/jobs out of this. :)

You miiiight want to consider putting the mic closer to the guitar. (that's me being nice - just put it closer)

Ceevro responds:

Yeah, normally I mix things a little better - video editing doesn't allow me to mess with the sound like I do when I edit audio. And that mic is super-sensitive. Any closer, and I'd top it out!


2016-01-15 06:26:21

Canada is the best place to be.

Ceevro responds:

It's certainly got it's advantages!


2016-01-15 06:28:16

sunny ways