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I like the animation style. I was expecting to blam something, but this surprised me! I can't wait to see what you make happen with it!

Rowan159 responds:

gee, thanks! im working on my next project as we speak :D


...I just realized, I have that guy in my family!


I'm waiting for this one to come out with baited breath! You're now on my favorites list! Lemme know when you start publishing the series!

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This may be..

...the greatest thing I have ever played, in my life. I actually lived in Japan, and what you have shown here is EXACTLY what daytime TV consists of there. And now I get to be a part of it! WHEE! MY FAVORITE BAND IS 'BUMP OF CHICKEN!' Not kidding! Real band! Seriously!

Not bad...

Little choppy on the animation, but overall playable, and enjoyable...

Loved it!

Loads of fun! Intense gameplay, and great graphics. It would be nice if I could buy equipment lower than my level, as it's impossible to get all the upgrades before levelling up!

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Dayum. There is a reason you've made it this far, dude!

You have a wonderful voice! Much cleaner than I could do it!

Now, I almost feel that this needs a bit of compression overall, and your low end sounds empty (though I'm listening on computer speakers at the moment). If you've got some bass going on in there, it's completely left out on less bass-rich speakers. Try boosting mids of your bass to fill out the soundscape.

But it's so nice to hear someone playing old-style. Reminds me of 50's sock-hop tunes! Very nice!

verbicidemusic responds:

I definitely see what you're saying about the bass tones. I boosted the mids excessively to no avail. I think the tone itself is inherently bad, I may toy with it some more and reupload if I get something good going. As far as my influences go, I pull a lot from 80s post-punk and dream pop a la the Smiths or Cocteau Twins, but I do listen to a lot of old school pop like the Beach Boys and the likes, so I guess it makes a wierd Gothicy yet poppy combo, haha. Glad you enjoyed it though.

Well. If I win my round...I have going against you to look forward to.

What could possibly go wrong?

bassfiddlejones responds:


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Love your work here! I used it as my inspiration for AIM-2017. You can hear the song based on this art on my page. Thanks for the inspiration!

Love this pic! In fact, I love it so much I used it as my inspiration for AIM 2017! Visit my page and you can hear what I came up with!

Thanks for the inspiration!

I'm going through your album...these are amazing! I wanna know the stories behind them! Do you do graphic novels or the like?

AntonOxenuk responds:

Nope, at the moment I mostly just practice to get myself to a more professional skill level. I did some stuff for friends though. Sorry, no real story other than just random characters in random pictures. Thanks though :)


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