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Meditation Meditation

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Love your work here! I used it as my inspiration for AIM-2017. You can hear the song based on this art on my page. Thanks for the inspiration!

Olstead Rothgar Olstead Rothgar

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Love this pic! In fact, I love it so much I used it as my inspiration for AIM 2017! Visit my page and you can hear what I came up with!

Thanks for the inspiration!

Frost Frost

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I'm going through your album...these are amazing! I wanna know the stories behind them! Do you do graphic novels or the like?

AntonOxenuk responds:

Nope, at the moment I mostly just practice to get myself to a more professional skill level. I did some stuff for friends though. Sorry, no real story other than just random characters in random pictures. Thanks though :)

Skyrim Skyrim

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Seriously awesome stuff!

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